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Results - 2008

Slipped in an extra race to try out some more mast rake but did not seem to make much of an improvement.  Good start and kept to the island shore to keep out of the tide but decided to tack off to the mainland side on a header.  Beat down the Solent to Peters & May then down wind back to Air Canada and short beat to the finish at Snowden.  Last on the water and last on corrected.
IRC Solent Series - Class 5: IRC Race No. 4  Saturday  26th July 2008 - Start 13:20:00 Yacht Type Sail No. TCF Finished Elapsed Corrected Posn Points Comments The Flying Fish Laser 28 GBR1276 0.905 01:13:11 01:28:51 1 Cecille GBR997R 0.916 01:38:32 01:30:15 2 Crackerjack GBR4080T 01:43:27 01:34:15 3 Moondog Laser 28 GBR1259T 0.906 01:46:25 01:36:25 4