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Results - 2012

Forecast for Guernsey looked horrendous with a Gale 8 coming in from the West but thought we'd better see if any of our series rivals were on the start line.  Bit of a scare when we saw Alchemist on the Island Sailing Club pontoon when we motored over to Cowes but they did not appear on the start line.  Only two other Class 5 boats  started with Xara and Xarifa heading off down the Solent but they retired later.  We retired about 50 years over the start line and headed back to Cowes for a curry and a few pints which seemed a much better prospect than what awaited any boat venturing out into the channel.
JOG Inshore Championships - Class 5 Race No. 12  St Peter Port Race Friday 24th August 2012 - Start 18:00:00 Sail No. Yacht E TCF Finished Elapsed Corrected Posn Points GBR4698T Xarifa E 0.946   RTD     50 GBR123 Xara E 0.936   RTD     50 GBR1259T Moondog E 0.901   RTD     50 GBR815 Longue Pierre E 0.974   SCR       GBR5529T Girolle   0.956   SCR       GBR94 Dreamtime   0.942   SCR       ESP4591 Dogmatix E 0.928   SCR       GBR2458L Raffles   0.928   SCR       GBR5777 Alchemist E 0.924   SCR       GBR5180T Aquila E 0.865   SCR