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Results - 2015

Started with the number 3 up as it was forecast to be a windy race getting stronger over night but after we started loosing out on the beat up the Solent so we had to change to the number 1.  Had better speed then but picked up a load of weed on the rudder which slowed us again and we ended up stopping the boat and sailing backwards to clear it.  Now with the right sail plan and most of the weed cleared we could chase after Blazer and Raffles.  Once round the Needles the wind picked up requiring a change back to the number 3, this time bare headed, which took a bit of time but once sorted the boat was going well. Had a reef in for a while but basically a fairly comfortable crossing, once the rain had stopped, with a single tack till about 7 miles off the finish.  Tacked into the finish to optimise the benefit from the building Westerly tide and pleased to see Raffles still in their oily's once we got into the harbour.  Even more pleased when we got the result which showed a win by 27 seconds.  Excellent meal in the First & Last to round off a good race.
GPS Track
JOG Off Shore Championships - Class 6 Race No. 8 Cowes - Alderney Friday 12th June 2015 - Start 19:30:00 Sail No. Yacht E TCF Finished Elapsed Corrected Posn Points GBR1259T Moondog E  0.902 10:43:36 15:13:36 13:44:04 1 1101 GBR2458L Raffles E  0.923 10:23:18 14:53:18 13:44:31 2 800 GBR1540C Blazer E  0.906 11:07:45 15:37:45 14:09:36 3 624 5911Y Ariane  0.846 12:20:06 16:50:06 14:14:33 4 499 ESP4591 Dogmatix E  0.918 11:05:10 15:35:10 14:18:29 5 402 GBR171 Amigos E  0.908 11:40:06 16:10:06 14:40:51 6 624 GBR4054L Pastime of Hamble E  0.900 SCR GPS Track - 2015-06-12